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Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale

Just arrived a selection of the Author, Anthony William.

To all who are on a health journey. Please explore.

“Anthony’s understanding of foods, their vibrations, and how they interact with the body never ceases to amaze. Effortlessly he explains the potential harmony or disharmony in our choices in a way anyone can understand. He has a gift. Do your body a favour and treat yourself” – Pharrell Williams

Annual 2021 update

Hey you… ALL,

What a year we All have had !   ….understatement  I know.

THANKYOU to my regulars for your patronage through out the year, welcome to the new comers to the Island that have found their way to the Shop.

Thank you to the Local Suppliers of Eggs, Primal Harvest Chickens and local F/Veg home growers (NO Chemicals, Fertiliser, Roundup etc)

Thankyou to the people power that have promoted the shop on some level in this last year, right down to the lovely comments that I’m reasonably priced…that helps my self/mental esteem when getting the bills paid!

As some of you may have read elsewhere that I’ve have decided to advertise for sale by ‘expression of interest’ for my business as I’m wanting to move into semi retirement in the not too distant Future.

I’m aware that the business needs that special person as the shop isn’t your run of the mill shopping experience…that  the community of healthy foods, limited packaging, empowering people to make choices for their greater good is paramount… I enjoy the personal interaction and I go home happy feeling I’ve done the best I can for Humanity.

I liked to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Peaceful, Restful time over this festive season. x


Namaste Helena….. Goodbye  2021



Newsletter for the end of my 3rd year of Trading June 2020


THANK YOU my wonderful customers – I value your support in these troubled times.

I am touched by the community’s commitment to shop locally as I have seen many new faces that are KI residents… by their show of support have helped enormously with the restocking process which was very strained by cashflow.

As some of you know I was struggling with cashflow as I had stocked up for the tourist time that went up in flames 20th Dec and by end February had me concerned about my viability –

Then the Corona -19 boost with pensioners $750, no panic buying with me as my policy- always leave something for someone else – only had one honey issue (no bulk buying).

Sole Trader- Jobkeeper- I don’t qualify due to 27% increase on last year! That financial year (2018-19) was a deficit   -the rules are the rules!!

BUT my little house fund is diminishing;- hence my mantra – I need 25 customers @ $50 per day to be able to survive in this economic climate –not to make a fortune – like households bills, a business has a few extra 000s on the account.!

I’ve been through a few droughts farming so know about budgets… now with the Economic climate all over the place, not to mention Climate, Environments’, Digital, and our Children’s Futures.

Please…. I am grateful for I have not lost anything compared to other Businesses or residents on the Rock…….but in time we either evolve or surrender to the elements at hand.

Due to lack of water and red legged earth mite, we have not been successful with my planting plot even with a lot of help from my farming friend – we decided to leave until the Spring to grow again in the igloo hopefully…. my understanding from other growers that the plants are stalling in growth.

As you know and can see that I try very hard to deliver on the best quality produce that is on offer thru my distributor Steve’s Organics we have built a trading friendship that knows I don’t except awful produce even if organic…. a lot of good farmers and distributors are trying to deliver the best under extreme circumstances and I take my hat off to them!

I would like to acknowledge the HELP I get from 2 special people Betty Collins and Calvin Muller without them I would be truly struggling on day to day bases. Thank you for your support.

Social Media – just so you all know is- I really don’t do Facebook but recognise that it is a good platform to get info out…hence Lucy Jones…. she has done the recent posting with beaut photos, over the next year hoping to develop further with ordering on line for those who travel here and locals who want a grocery box put together for a quick pick up…. Thank you to my 3 girl fan club (you know who you are 😉 that post on my behalf it all helps !

Namaste to all you wonderful people that make my days- Joy- (when my head gets out of the way ;0)